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Your company has great potential. Let’s join forces and increase it.


Putting innovative ideas into practice together.
Progress is generated by cooperation with the right promotional instruments. With us, over 85 projects with a total of 290 partners have already been successfully completed.


Creating tailored access to new markets.
Internationalisation offers great opportunities for the future. We are happy to help you open up new business fields.


Boosting your strengths with knowledge transfer.
Take advantage of the expertise we have built up direct from the branch. This will ensure that you always keep pace with the latest trends and technologies. 325 events with 12,500 participants speak for themselves.


Increasing your visibility and market presence.
We do this for you with continuous public relations work, appearances at trade fairs and media cooperation.


Giving you a personal information advantage.
This could be through databases, personal consultancy or branch-specific informative media. Your advantage is only ever a discussion or a click away.


In addition to the various advantages of your membership, you also have access to the complete service portfolio of Business Upper Austria (e.g. supporting your search for a new site or European fundings, getting in contact with authorities, etc.). Find further information about all services on: www.biz-up.at