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The research group "Computed Tomography" at the Wels Campus is part of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and was established in 2004. Since then the department has grown in size over the years, and has become one of the biggest research groups within the university. Nowadays, 16 researchers are working for the CT-group and 4 different CT-devices are located at the FH Wels, which allows to offer a broad service portfolio. Generally speaking, problems of the industry concerning defect detection and quality assurance of materials and components are engaged. This is due to the fact, that computed tomography is the only method, which makes it possible to look inside materials and components without influencing their further use or changing their shape - nondestructively. The application areas of CT are diverse and extensive, since any material or component can be examined with CT. The method is used in various different industry sectors, but particularly in the automotive-, aerospace- and materials industry. The following table offers some information on the possibilities of CT.

Non-destructive Testing    
- 3D analysis and material composition
- Surface extraction for finite-element simulation
Materials Characterization    
- Structure and defect analysis
- Density studies and porosity determination
- Fibre extraction and -orientation
Geometry Determination and Metrology    
- Actual/nominal comparison
- Determination of measurement features
- Wall thickness measurement
- Evaluation of defect (e.g.: inclusions, cracks, pores) sizes
In-situ Testing    
- Damage mechanism characterization under mechanical and thermal load (or combination of both) due to process-induced defects 
Software Development    
- OpeniA: analysis software for CT-data
- SimCT: simulation software for computed tomography