PHARE Technologies GmbH


PHARE Technologies GmbH

Stelzerstraße 41, 4020 Linz, Österreich

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PHARE Technologies provides a Safe Site solution with an instrumentation for monitoring, a

digital labor platform, and training with a changed management component.

The company’s Safe Site solution helps reduce costs, improves compliance, prevents accidents,

saves lives for the heavy construction industry, and increases your project(s) insurability.

The instrumentation for monitoring (TIPSTER) will be used to gather information about hazardous

conditions; high noise level dosage, heat and humidity index exposure, breathable air quality

levels, personnel geo-location, and monitors the hard hat movement. The digital labor platform

(MAGNUS+) receives data from TIPSTER. To wrap together these components, our training with

a changed management component will accomplish end-user usage.

Interchangeable hard hat instrumentation and Digital Labor Platform was designed by experts

with decades of experience specifically for this industry.

The company’s end goal is to improve the safety, health, and efficiency of its workers in the heavy

construction industry.

PHARE Technologies has the ability to engage in various vertical markets. These markets mainly


· Construction

· Search and Rescue

· Forestry and Logging

· Mining

· Hazardous Material Handling

· Energy

· Utilities

· Manufacturing

PHARE Technologies Safe Site solution provides real-time data transfer on worksite conditions

to enable quick response times in hazardous conditions. It enables better working conditions,

streamlines processes, reduces risks, and improves productivity.